Exposed Edge Modular Kitchen

Exposed Edge Kitchen Cabinets with Cut out handles. With solid layered wood composing the material, exposed edge plywood adds depth to the cabinets and enhances the premium feel of your kitchen.

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  • 450mm wide ultimate building supplies cabinet with exposed plywood edge and
  • Inset Drawer 4 draw 600MM cabinet ultimate building supplies exposed plywood edge
  • 4 drawer cabinet exposed edge plywood 800mm wide Ultimate Building Supplies
  • Dishwasher plywood cabinet with exposed edge ultimate building supplies
  • sink OSMO oiled cabinet 700mm Left end install cut out handles
  • sink plywood cabinet osmo oiled 900mm left hand install
  • Open storage Shelf Osmo 300MM
  • Open storage plywood shelf
  • Open storage plywood shelf 450Mm
  • wide open storage plywood shelf ultimate building supplies
  • 800mm wide open shelf ultimate building supplies
  • skinny 300mm open shelf plywood OSMO oiled ultimate building supplies
  • Adjustable plywood shelf cabinet exposed edge
  • Adjustable 450mm plywood cabinet exposed edge
  • 600mm wide exposed edge adjustable shelf cabinet Ultimate Building Supplies
  • 80mm wide Plywood Cabinet with exposed edge Ultimate Building Supplies
  • Owen Cabinet OSMO 600MM