Plywood Kitchen

We Transform Your Ideas Creating Functional Plywood Kitchens​

We cater to retail customers as well as building companies, builders as well as DIY operators.  Our plywood kitchens will transform your space regardless of how you chose to get them installed.  Some of the most common delivery options are: 

  • Standard cabinet sizing flat pack 
  • Custom cabinets flat pack
  • Factory assembled cabinets ex works pickpup 
  • Factory assembled cabinets site delivered
  • Complete assembly and installation by Ultimate Building Supplies 

Environmentally sustainable wood material from sustainable forests.
Low emission glues only.

Wholesale solutions for developers and installers allowing them to leverage our material and capability.​

Email us for a quick response including pricing of variations, and plywood material options

Complete kitchen project from design, rendering, site measure, manufacturing through installation​

Plywood Cabinets For Long Lasting Kitchens​

Creating premium effective storage solutions that add character to your house and improve day to day enjoyment of your property. Plywood Kitchens are modern, solid and extremely resistant to high moisture environments. Coupled with our state of the art hardware and accessories and you will have a kitchen that you can enjoy without worry.

Plywood side runner kitchenette with ultimate buildingh supplies plywood in white

Plywood Kitchens
Concept to Delivery

  • Custom made to your space
  • FREE designs 
  • Pre-Cutting site measurement by our team
  • Moisture resistant material
  • High quality hardware for draws, hinges and insets 
  • Cost effective solutions with pre-manufactured sizes available online 
  • Custom solutions fitting your needs.
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Plywood Kitchens Components

Plywood pile

Plywood Material​

Custom cabinetry from UBS plywood is sure to stand the test of time.  Our water resistant cabinets offer superior longevity and cleaning properties to vacuum wrapped or painted MDF/Chipboard surfaces. 

Black kitchen sink with Ultimate Building Supplies stone top and plywood cabinets


Your kitchen is more than just another room. As the most vibrant and visible intersection in the modern home, it needs to be comfortable to work in as well as functional.  We offer a full series of Granit/Resin sinks with the feel and look of stone and the practicality and durability of the highest grade composites

Undermount Runners Ultimate Building Supplies

Specialty Hardware​

Custom hardware ensures your modern kitchen is inviting to work in and stores the maximum amount of goods comfortably and in an extremely efficient fashion. Our top grade hardware will ensure your space is practical and efficiently utilised without compromising the quality or blowing out the budget.



We stock and import a furniture grade assortment of Plywood Panels with Melamine or Wood Veneer finish to suit your project.  Ultimate Building Supplies whole sells and retails our plywood panels so availability and waiting for suppliers stock are a thing of the past as our stock is meters away from our CNC centers.

Ultimate Quality Kitchens

High quality plywood Kitchens by Ultimate Building Supplies will optimise your kitchen space giving you a practical space to cook and entertain and your house the WOW factor that makes it stand out.   

Top reasons to chose an Ultimate Building Supplies plywood kitchen: 

  • Plywood is made from layers of actual wood and unlike the compressed dust and glue in other substandard materials will resist mositure damage ensuring your kitchen doesn’t swell and change from the inevitable water spillage. 
  • Melamine Plywood panels are resistant to almost all chemicals as well as not naturally east to stain giving you a surface that is hard to stain and easy to clean/ desinfect. This sounds ideal if you want a safe cooking environment. 
  • We offer a FREE design service by experienced kitchen designers that have drawn 100s of kitchens for our clients.  This ensures your space is extremely well utilised as well as aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Ultimate Building Supplies Plywood kitchens are available in the same high quality material and accurate finish regardless if you choose the complete design to install package or you would prefer your kitchen to be picked up from the factory assembled…   Even flatpack is available to builders and DIY customers letting you build your custom artisan kitchen without having to resort to sub standard materials of typical flat pack offerings. 
Plywood Kitchen by Ultimate BUilding Suppleis

Custom Design​

At Ultimate Building Supplies we don’t settle for close enough or those too big for their own good scribeing panels.  We will manufacture each cabinet to exact mm precision dimensions the design calls for. 

NZ Manufactured Here in Auckland​

Our kitchens and cabinets are designed, cut and assembled right here in New Zealand.   This gives you the flexibility of design, quality you expect as well as reliability of supply for our wholesale customers.    Fortunately our automation,  machinery and processes mean that pricing is kept extremely competitive often beating substantially inferior imported product.

Plywood Manufacture

DIY & Flatpack Modular Kitchens

Custom size self assemble and install solutions by UBS are ideal when you don’t want to compromise on fit or finish but you have the skillset to install and assemble the furniture yourself.  Get the professional result at significantly lower total cost.  For standard sizes have a look at our online store with plenty of ready to buy options. 

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