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At Ultimate Building Supplies, we understand the diverse needs of our wholesale clients, ranging from the building industry to cabinet makers. Our extensive inventory caters to your every requirement, featuring a wide range of top-quality plywood products. We recognize the significance of volume in your business, which is why our pricing structure is designed to reflect the quantities you need, ensuring competitive rates for bulk purchases.

North Shore, Auckland Based

Wholesale Plywood

Our offerings extend beyond just raw panel materials. We provide comprehensive solutions that include both design and installation services, ensuring you have a reliable partner for your complete project needs.

Our Product Range and Services:

  • Standard Cabinet Sizing – Flat Pack: Ideal for clients seeking efficiency and consistency in cabinet dimensions.
  • Custom Cabinets – Flat Pack: Tailored solutions to meet specific design requirements, offering flexibility in cabinet sizing and style.

  • Factory Assembled Cabinets – Ex Works Pickup: Ready-to-use cabinets, assembled at our factory for your convenience, available for pickup.

  • Factory Assembled Cabinets – Site Delivered: A hassle-free option where we deliver fully assembled cabinets directly to your project site.

  • Complete Assembly and Installation: Ultimate Building Supplies goes the extra mile, offering full assembly and installation services for your projects.

With Ultimate Building Supplies, rest assured that all your plywood needs, from supply to installation, are in expert hands. We are committed to providing quality products and services that enhance your operations and ensure the success of your projects.

Empowering Your Business

Delivering Custom Solutions for Your Clients

Partner with Ultimate Building Supplies to elevate the offerings you provide to your clients. Our expertise in crafting custom solutions is an asset to your business, enabling you to offer a range of tailored services and products.

As your partner, Ultimate Building Supplies is committed to enhancing your business capabilities, enabling you to deliver exceptional quality and custom solutions to your clients

Complimentary Design Expertise

Enhance your value proposition with our free design services. We collaborate with you to create bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your clients' visions and requirements.

Precise Pre-Cutting and Site Measurement

Accuracy is a hallmark of our service. Our team specializes in precise on-site measurements and pre-cutting, ensuring a seamless fit and flawless implementation in your clients' spaces.

Moisture-Resistant Materials

Offer your clients the best in durability and design. Our moisture-resistant plywood is ideal for long-lasting, high-quality projects, ensuring satisfaction and durability.

Superior Hardware Selection

Distinguish your offerings with our premium hardware for drawers, hinges, and insets, adding functionality and sophistication to every piece.

Cost-Effective Options

Provide your clients with budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality. Our range of pre-manufactured sizes, available online, are perfect for efficient and economical projects.

Bespoke Solutions for Diverse Needs

Your clients' needs are diverse, and so are our solutions. We tailor our services to match the specific requirements of your projects, ensuring a personalized and high-quality outcome.

NZ Manufactured Here in Auckland​

Proudly Manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand

At Ultimate Building Supplies, we take pride in being a New Zealand-based manufacturer, with all our kitchens and cabinets meticulously designed, precision-cut, and assembled in Auckland. This local production not only ensures the highest standards of quality and design flexibility but also guarantees reliable and timely supply for our valued wholesale partners.

Our commitment to local manufacturing is matched by our investment in advanced automation, state-of-the-art machinery, and efficient processes. This allows us to offer highly competitive pricing, often surpassing the value of imported products that lack our level of quality and craftsmanship.

Choosing Ultimate Building Supplies means opting for a partnership that values exceptional design, unmatched quality, and dependable supply chains. It’s about providing your clients with the best – proudly made in New Zealand, with the dedication and care that only a local manufacturer can offer.

High Volume Solution

Maximize Efficiency with High-Volume Custom Solutions

Ultimate Building Supplies (UBS) offers an ideal solution for those who seek the perfect balance between bespoke design and hands-on craftsmanship. Our custom size, self-assemble, and install options are designed for professionals who have the expertise to handle installation and assembly themselves, yet don’t want to compromise on the fit or finish of their furniture.

With UBS, you get the best of both worlds: a professional-grade result coupled with significantly lower overall costs. This approach is perfect for high-volume requirements where precision and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

For those in need of standard sizes, our online store offers a wealth of ready-to-buy options. Here, you’ll find a variety of choices that cater to immediate needs, all reflecting the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Ultimate Building Supplies.

Embrace the flexibility and cost savings of our custom solutions, and equip your projects with the excellence of UBS products, all while leveraging your own installation and assembly skills.

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