UBS base 2-door shoe-shelf Cabinet 900mm


  • Local New Zealand based company
  • Cabinets are cut and assembled in New Zealand
  • Cabinet can be assembled in store or supplied as a flat pack for onsite assembly
  • Cabinets are made from plywood. This is a natural product that is healthier and cleaner for the environment and increases the strength and durability of the product compared to MDF products
  • Cabinet style: exposed edge plywood
  • Material :16mm UBS plywood melamine
  • Hardware and features:
    • 4 pcs inset hinges soft-close
    • 4 pcs fix shoe shelving (angular) with front upstanding
    • expended cabinet sides to offset from the ground
  • Handle Type: cut-out plywood handles 150 x 35mm
  • Plywood edge finish: exposed plywood edge finish, CNC cut and sanded
  • Cabinet Dimensions
    • W: 900mm
    • H: 1200mm (excluding 100mm toe-kick or cabinet legs)
    • D: 350mm (including the front and back panel )
  • Cabinet will be supplied with height adjustable feet (100mm-160mm) heavy duty plastic
  • Side panels and Toe-kicks are sold separately
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